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Re: The Boston Celtics Mailing List Digest V5 #254

Kim Malo wrote (regarding the suggestion that Gaston was one of eight
owners willing to scrap the season):

> Dunno about that. Don't forget that he was one of the ones who voted
> against* re-opening the CBA in the first place. Which I still cannot
> figure out why, as he should benefit from most of what the owners are
> looking for.

I agree with you that Gaston is *not* one of the "eight" in this case.  

As you pointed out, he was one of only two owners to vote against
reopening the CBA.  His reasoning was that each owner should be
individually responsible for his team's payroll -- as opposed to the
current owner plan of changing the CBA to reduce salaries and save money.

I think Gaston is right - every player with a $100 million contract has an
owner who was willing to give it to him! - and I actually have (had?) a
lot of respect for his position (in voting against reopening the CBA).  I
would be disappointed to learn that he was now willing to scrap the whole
season to get a better (for the owners) CBA.

Michael Byrnes