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(no subject)

Hi list:

After work, I read some stats on ESPNET that reveal inter alia:

1) the Celts payroll last year ($26.82 mil) was less than half that of
the Bulls and Knicks;
2) only 7 clubs had a lower payroll than our Celts, all of which were
basically also-rans (Nuggets, Bucks, Grizzlies, Pistons, Raptors, Clips,
3) no club finished more than throw-away change ($2.5 mil) under last
year's enforced cap (Our Celtics were 80,000 clams under the cap).

I don't know what all this adds up to, so I would appreciate list-member
input  and cap expertise (Michael "Le Dieu" Byrnes, Kim Malo...).
Personally, I thank goodness for the Larry Bird exception (soft cap). We
may trash the NBA owners and player-agents, but at least we don't have
to become NY Jets fans in order to follow Curtis Martin's bruising,
god-fearing career as an NFL running back.

As far as I'm concerned, the NBA owners already can claim a "sane"
payroll system, given 80+ games of revenue, global impact, and
relatively short (7 man) benches. From where I'm sitting, Michael Jordan
surely deserves above 2X the compensation of a  Mo Vaughn or Hideki
Irabu, at least until the day guys can play in the NBA with a
budweiser-belly. My archetype of a pro-sports owner is the Patriot's Bob
Kraft: a dripping-with-smugness, middle-age-crisis stricken, successful
paper products saleman desperate to escape his total irrelevancy by
buying a regional pro sports franchise. IMO, the need to ring a profit
has hardly been a leitmotif for American sports owners. We need not try
to explain these guy's spending habits according to college "Econ 101"
theory, any more than we try to explain another man's desire to own a
Porsche in order to compensate for rapid hair-loss.

Sorry folks, but with Pitino's scheduled rookie boot camp approaching,
maybe I'm just getting a bit cranky and impatient with these boo-hoo
whining, shilly-shallying, cream-corn, milquetoast,
6-piece-Chicken-McNugget-head owners.


P.S.  Hey Noah, I respect you, but please don't you dare tell Greg
Oldegaard's ISP to ban him from injecting humor and ideas to the Boston
Celtics list.