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RE: Paul M and Pitino

> Hi Noah,
> I bow to your knowledge about McCarty's (marshon)frame.

It's actually Marfan, I was wrong. Thanks to Michael Byrnes for pointing
that out.

> I certainly hope
> you are right about his game improvement, but what concerned me last
> year with his game was that it didn't seem to improve as the season went
> on.]

Walter, like Travis, lost confidence as the year wore on. That's always bad
for any basketball player. I think this offseason will make or break
McCarty. If he does well he'll become a well paid sixth man. If he does
badly he'll become an eighth man playing for ~1mil. Either way we should

> Possibly he just grew tired from all his increased minutes from the
> previous year. I will give him the benefit of doubt, since I really like
> his heart and attitude toward the game etc.

I'll chalk it up to confidence.

> Travis I am afraid may just not be that good and what we saw is what
> we'll get.

I think we underestimate Travis. If not here he'll find a niche somewhere.