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Re: Matt Geiger

>I may get alot of heat for this post, but it has to be posted. I don't
>know what everybody is raving about Geiger. He isnt that good. First of
>all, the guy wants 4-6 million a year and we cant really afford that.
>For a guy that wants that much money with litle talent should not be
>paid that money. why don't I like the guy? There are many reasons. Matt
>geiger is a guy that is a mediocre rebounder at best, he may have the
>size at center, but he not a shot-blocker, basically his defense is
>poor, Matt is slow, and he cannot compete with the better centers in the
>NBA. Matt Geiger would not fit in our system at all, he is not a guy
>that runs the floor well, and his defense alone would make him not a
>good choice for us. Matt geiger doesnt even have a good shot, and he is
>mediocre at the free throw line. On top of all this, he has a crappy
>attitude, he gets injured, and he DOESNT want to come here. Matt geiger
>isnt even a starter and Rick wants him, I cant understand this. The fact
>that Falk owes Rick a favor is FUCKING BULLSHIT, in fact Rick owes him
>favors. So i will ask you, why pay 4-6 million for this guy, when we
>havent even taken care of the Walker situation, when Geiger doesnt even
>want to come here, and lets face it he is overrated. Just because he has
>size doesnt mean shit. European players have size but they cant
>contribute to our team. It takes more than size. Matt is a guy that cant
>be trusted, he is a huge risk. Why pay him when we can get another guy
>like Stewart or any other talented center, and when we  havent taken
>care of the others. Matt Geiger has no place on our team, and I dont
>think we should sign him. Oh yeah, and if he likes it here, how come he
>hasnt said it

O.K.  don't hold any thing back.  How do you really feel about Geiger?

I don't want to see geiger in a C's uniform.  As for taking care of Walker, 
wait until the end of his 3rd year.  See where the CBA is and what the market 
is. (this could be dangerous).  Most likely the C's will still be in the best 
position to offer the most RESPECT (ie MONEY).