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RE: GM dealing !

> Here is an idea if Walker won't be resigned:
> 1.  If Jerry West wants Travis give him Travis & Barros for Eddie Jones &
> Sam Jacobson,  Rueben Patterson &/or Mario Bennett.

Eddie Jones is too high a caliber player(in the mind of the public anyway)
for this trade to work.

> 2. Chances are very good due to the small market Minnesota will
> not resign
> Marbury with Garnett's salary..  Trade Anderson for Marbury Mchale gets a
> comparable point with less salary (in the long run) and doesn't
> lose him to
> FA without compensation , we get the best young point in the
> league.  If we
> have to move Walker instead,  do it.  Make Marbury your franchise player.

If Gaston doesn't want to pay Walker how's he going to pay Marbury?

> 3. Move Walker for Rahim (with he or Pierce to be moved later),  Lorenzen
> Wright & draft picks,  or Vin Baker

These are more realistic possibilities. Will Walker, with Falk's aversion to
Canada, report on a trade to Canada? Just a thought. Wright would be nice as

> 4. Sign Michael Stewart via FA at a $3-$4m range

Foolish and unlikely. Stewart is a wonderful shotblocker, but a poor
defender(He's like a rich man's Keith Closs, a shotblocker without the bulk
to defend the post). Stewart also leaves his feet too much. A good
developmental player for less cash, but at that salary he risks becoming the
second coming of Travis Knight capwise. Will he leave his hometown,
Sacremento? Remember he lives with his parents.