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RE: goodbye oh selfish one...

> I don't argue Shawn's a great talent but a me first player that
> won't get you to the top .

I'll even debate that point. Shawn had an implicit agreement to renegotiate
his contract which was violated by the sonics organization(by signing
Mccillvane--which filled up the Sonics cap, making it impossible to
renegotiate Kemp's contract). When that agreement was violated, Kemp was
(rightfully) angry and decided he wanted to be traded(to a team, cleveland,
that could restructure his contract). So his action was hardly sudden
greed(i.e. a me first action).
	Moral justifications aside, Kemp's also a pretty good team player on the
court as well. While he still gets his shot blocked and turns the ball over
too often, Kemp provides an Oakleyesque toughness that any team requires(and
the sonics now lack, Baker isn't nearly the defender Kemp is).
	What really makes Kemp a great player is his performance in the playoffs.
His singlehanded effort in the NBA finals a few years ago, and his
performance vs Indiana this year were eloquent rebuttals to his detractors.