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RE: goodbye oh selfish one...

I don't argue Shawn's a great talent but a me first player that won't get you to the top .

On Monday, July 06, 1998 10:33 PM, Noah P. Evans [SMTP:ishbak@conknet.com] wrote:
> > Although a good player with a lot of
> > potential, he has the potential to be an undisciplined  cancer like Shawn
> > Kemp or Chris Webber never making your team any better, just
> > taking up 60%
> > of your cap.
> Webber I can understand, but calling Shawn Kemp a cancer is a little much.
> Yes he whined his way out of Seattle(tell you the truth I would too if my GM
> signed Mcilvane(SP?) for that much and refused to pay me), and yes his
> regular season was mediocre, but the man was absolutely stellar in the
> playoffs. If his teammates had been more experienced, the Cav's might've
> beaten the Pacers. I'd love for our team to have a "cancer" like
> Kemp(assuming Rick kept him happy, like Fratello has).
> Noah