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Shot selection of AW...

IMO, Antoine's shot selections are really autrocious.  But!!!  In our team
he's the only one with the heart to take as many shots however and whenever
the situation may be (may be it in the ...all the time in the game, at the
end game, at one quarter or whenever).  He's a franchise player no matter
what we do or say against or for him!  Immature or not, he's the man to go
to when we need to score...again, regardless of how he wants to shoot the
rock and where to shoot it.

I'm just tired of reading posts that bash on any player of our team or in
this list or whoever.  Everyone's got his/her opinion but we still have to
approach everything with respect and humility.

Let's all chill, friends!

Let's just hope everything would turn out the best for the team whether we
keep or lose our franchise player...Antoine Walker.  Top of it all, let's
pray that the lockout would end very soon!