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Re: The Boston Celtics Mailing List Digest V5 #245

>>>If it isn't here, than it'll be a damn shame, 'cause we ain't gonna
>>>get near to his worth in any trade.
>>Thank you!  I agree 100%.
>>Goggin in Cincinnati
>Just curious because we've been all revved up for Vin Baker for about 3
>years now.  Would you trade Toine straight up (one you got the cap numbers
>evened out)?


	In response to Bills' question.  There are two and only two players
in the league whom I would want to trade Antoine for straight up--Tim
Duncan and Shaq.  There are still 10-20 players who are better than Walker
but given their age vs. Walker's, those are the only two I'd go for
straight up.  Yes, I would turn down offers for Vin Baker, Grant Hill,
Pippen, Hardaway, Abdur-Rahim, Garnett--I still think our guy is better or
soon will be better than all of them.  The last three days, I've gotten
about 20 personal emails telling me how we could trade Walker to some
stupid team like the Cowboys did Herscel or maybe pull a McCauley for
Russell and hope to better ourselves.  In football you can build a very
solid team by stocking up on late 1st rd and 2-5th round players.  In the
NBA, that means squat.  I don't think there is any way we would get equal
value for Walker.
	 Now, before you all think I've been planted on this list by Falk,
let me clarify my position on Walker's resigning.  Michael Byrnes recently
analyzed one of my posts on resigning Walker and makes some very good
points.  He fears that my willingness to sign Walker to a big-time contract
will hamstring the Celts' ability to finish the puzzle and build a
champion.  Excellent observation.  That's why I was AGAINST signing Walker
before the new CBA is hammered out.  While I don't think the owners are
going to get rid of the Bird Exemption, I do feel there will be a more
reasonable pay scale that makes some moves toward eliminating the caste
system that the NBA has become before its all said and done.  Therefore my
hope is that the Celts will be able to pay Antoine his money before the
next season starts without limiting future signings.  Too optimistic?

Goggin in Cincinnati