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Re: Walker's Faults

>From: 4404 HQS/CC <4404HQSCC@psab.aorcentaf.af.mil>
>To: "'celtics@igtc.com'" <celtics@igtc.COM>
>Subject: Walker's Faults
>Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 07:42:00 +0300
>Not that it becomes right because some of the  "stars" did it, I just 
>we expect too much from a 21 year old.

If his age causes him to have shortcomings, he should wait a few years 
before demanding $100,000,000.

The other players you mentioned were only given truly large contracts 
after proving themselves.  Not proving that they belong in the NBA.  
Walker has certainly proven that.  But proving they have what it takes 
to lead a championship team.


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