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Walker's Faults

Being new to this group I can't understand the vehement dislike some have
for Walker.  What are his faults?  Has he had a moral lapse in character I
don't know about?  Let me list what I've heard.

Poor shot selection:  All great players think they can make every shot.  A
little maturity and guidance will take care of this.  I would rather have a
good player who wants the shot than one who is afraid to shoot.  Bird
throughout his career would lapse into some rather spectacular shot taking
rather than passing.  I believe Larry Bird called Kevin McHale the "black
hole" because I pass went in and never came out.  Another factor is the
confidence you have in your teammates abilities.  Even on the playground
you'll notice better player would rather take a harder shot than turn the
ball over to a poor player they think will just miss the shot.

Baiting the referees:  Again I reference Bird.  If and when Walker becomes a
superstar we will call it working the refs versus whining

Wants his money worth:  Reference Jordan.  Sure he played for smaller
amounts for a number of years but could you imagine Walker saying he wanted
30+ million a year.  That makes up for some of the "lean" years rather
quickly.  Throw in that Jordan was making much more money with commercials
his life style wasn't affected by the "paltry" sum he was paid.

Didn't show up for a volunteer practice:  Jordan golfing and staying up
until the "wee" hours at casino's during playoffs.

Not that it becomes right because some of the  "stars" did it, I just think
we expect too much from a 21 year old.

What we should be arguing about is how much to pay not who we should trade
him for.