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Re: The Boston Celtics Mailing List Digest V5 #242

Generally speaking, you're right. Great players are untradeable.  But
not all franchise players are great.

Kemp for Baker (improved)
Easy Ed Macauley for Bill Russell (!)
Alonzo Mourning for Glen Rice (equal value)
Larry Johnson for Anthony Mason (improved)

in NFL
Herschel Walker for Many draft picks (improvement)

off the top of my head.  It happens.

---Patrick Goggin  wrote:
> To those who want to trade Walker and to those who don't want to
sign him
> to a new contract (which means we would be forced to trade him),
> give me one example in which a team traded away its franchise player
> got equal value and/or improved the team. . .in any sport. . .at any
> Goggin in Cincinnati

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