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Re: Tabak gone!

Real news of the type I most enjoy being able to receive on this list. 
Thank you for your valuable input from all of us, though I for one might
have wanted to take a longer look at a healthy Tabak.


> From: Abdullah Karadag <A.Karadag@sheffield.ac.uk>
> To: celtics@igtc.COM
> Subject: Tabak gone!
> Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 2:27 AM
> Hello all,
> According a Turkish TV channel, Zan Tabak signed a 1 year contract with
> Fenerbahce of Turkey.
> Fenerbahce has the option to extend it one more year.  So Tabak's gone, I
> think we still have 13 players,
>  if we sign Popeye Jones .
> Abdullah