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Walker posts...

Thanks to Josh and Chris for great posts about Antoine. I agree with
everything Chris said about "things Antoine has to do to improve", and as I
said before, I think a lot of these will happen as long as Kenny has a
healthy season. Remember how well everything ran when he first arrived, and
that was before he was familiar with Rick's system. Josh's post really made
me think how rare a consistent 20/10 player is these days, and he's right
when he says that in Antoine we have a forward who rebounds like a centre
and passes like a guard.

I, for one, am glad that the posts regarding Ike Austin and Geiger have
stopped. If you really take a close look at the big men available as FAs,
none of them are worth what they're likely to ask for. DeClerq will get
better, Travis can't get any worse, and Tabak showed a little promise late
in the season...I think we should stick with what we've got and go after
our big man next year, rather than lock ourselves into someone who will
disappoint us this year. Especially with a healthy Popeye to help down low.
I know that $17 million a year for Antoine is a lot of money, but everyone
would have to agree that $7 million a year for Matt Geiger would be a much
greater waste of money!