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Len Bias (was Walker)

On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 DMercon@aol.com wrote:

> I think Bias would have been a small forward not a power forward.  He probably
> would have backed up Larry, with some time at SG.  If he had started within 2
> years it would have been at the 2 spot.  I thought his selection was a poor
> choice and said so before his death.  At that time we did not need another
> forward we needed help at center.  My thoughts, you do not have to agree with
> them.
I think I'll exercise my perogative not to agree with them.  Bias was what
6 foot 8 and 240 or so?  Sounds like a power forward to me.  As to the
Celtics drafting him instead of a center, what center should they've
picked?  William Bedford?  Chris Washburn?  Brad Daugherty would've been a
better choice, but he went #1.  Besides, they were presumably worried
about Wedman recovering from his playoff injury (with good reason, it
seems).  I think they would have used him to back up both Bird and McHale,
and that he would've would wound up starting when Bird went down with his
heel problems.

Marc Pierce