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During the season I lived in Shreveport, La. and did not see many games
however I did see enough to know that Walker is not a legimate all-star.  That
selection was a gift and was not earned.

The games I saw Walker demonstrated very poor shot selection, would not give
the ball up(even when leading the break when another player had a better
opportunity), did not demonstrate good leadership qualities(team captain does
not have to be best player should be best leader), played out of
control(turnovers, forced shots when others had better opportunities, ball
hogging, etc.), etc.  He has the potential to be very good, I'm not sure
greatness is in his future.  Keep him for fair money.  Trade him for demanding
super star money.

I think Bias would have been a small forward not a power forward.  He probably
would have backed up Larry, with some time at SG.  If he had started within 2
years it would have been at the 2 spot.  I thought his selection was a poor
choice and said so before his death.  At that time we did not need another
forward we needed help at center.  My thoughts, you do not have to agree with

I think next season will be probably be around 50 wins but if we mortgage the
future on one player then we will always be a 50 win team.  Prove your worth,
make a few sacrifices for the team, and get your just rewards through the Bird
rule after the championship team is in place.

Regards to all,

Dennis Mercon