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This small blurb as part of a bigger piece regarding projected team
strength for next (?) years playoffs.  For the sake of our sanity let's
assume, with the CBA hubub, that there will be a playoffs in about 9

"Of the other East threats, the Bulls will only be a shadow of their former
selves without MJ and Co, the Hawks have a thin bench and a hole at small
forward, the Hornets will lose their centres to free agency, and the Cavs,
Nets, and **now Celtics (with Paul Pierce) still need a year or two to
become really frightening.** The Pistons need a big free agent signing at
power forward (e.g. Tom Gugliotta, Christian Laettner, Derrick Coleman) to
be able to contend in the East."

Wow a note about the soon to be "frightening"  Celtics of 2000.

I wonder where both of the Hornets Centers will end up?

They do go into detail about the past and possible plans of the Knicks, who
will be tough.  Interesting take on the Suns as well (Onhoops.com)