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Re: To keep Walker or not

>From: "Icarus" <skmishra@sprintmail.com>
>To: <DJessen33@aol.com>, <celtics@igtc.COM>
>Subject: Re: To keep Walker or not
>Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 21:54:53 -0700
>That will happen too, just wait for the coming season. 

Negotiations are going to take place before the coming season.  I have 
always felt that if a team signs a player a year before his contract is 
up, there's no point doing it for big bucks.  If you're going to pay 
market value, you might as well wait until he's a free agent.  That is 
unless the player just wants out and you are trying to entice him with 
money before other teams are involved.  If the player wants to get every 
cent he can he has no right to expect the team to negotiate early.


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