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Re: Lockout News

>Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 00:18:41 -0500
>From: Sherry & Hart <hartleyo@ix.netcom.com>
>Reply-To: hartleyo@ix.netcom.com
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>Subject: Lockout News
>The way it was explained was if a player signs a 5 year contract >then 
each year is guaranteed separately as each season

I think this will depend on how much the stars control negotiations.  
This wouldn't be that bad for average players who are often signed to 
short deals (now that we took the keys away from ML).  But for a star 
who signs his big 6 year deal, and then has to keep proving he's worth 
that money, it's a different story.  It would certainly make giving 
Antoine a big contract easier to swallow.  I'll keep my fingers crossed, 
but I wouldn't expect it to happen.


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