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Re: The Boston Celtics Mailing List Digest V5 #242

At 06:53 PM 7/7/98 -0500, Patrick Goggin <gogginpd@email.uc.edu> wrote:
>To those who want to trade Walker and to those who don't want to sign him
>to a new contract (which means we would be forced to trade him), please
>give me one example in which a team traded away its franchise player and
>got equal value and/or improved the team. . .in any sport. . .at any time.

<Evil grin> Celtics. Easy Ed MacCauley. Led to their getting some guy named

Dallas Cowboys. Herschel Walker.

Want me to keep going? 
Or, next question...

Seriously, at least some of those who want to trade him don't see him as a
franchise player, so the question is irrelevant to them. I'm not looking for
a rehash on that argument, just pointing out the weakness in your point.

Kim Malo