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Re: Lockout News

I doubt if the players will agree to this. The only thing I see them
agreeing to is the 5 years rookie contract and a luxury tax for a team which
goes over the cap. - Mishra

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From: Sherry & Hart <hartleyo@ix.netcom.com>

>Heard a rumor on Miami sports talk that the Owners would keep the Bird
>exemption if player contracts were only guaranteed for the player once
>the season has started. The way it was explained was if a player signs a
>5 year contract then each year is guaranteed separately as each season
>starts. Of course there would be some sort of provision made for injury.
>It kinda sounds a little like the NFL agreement where no contracts are
>guaranteed except for their so called franchise player.
>What do you all think, on the surface it sounds feasible.