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Trading Walker and Keeping Dana

Well, since everyone has been so busy the past week or so, I guess I should
add my own small effort!

If you ask me, I think trading Walker is not such a bad thing. First, we
probably can expect to get our money's worth in return for him (La Coach
would see to that!). Secondly, Walker just ain't that good. I mean, he had
his moments; but he also had quite a number of bad moments. Have you all
forgotten those 7 for 21, 3 for 19 etc. nights that he had. For me, there
just were a bit too many of those nights! sure he may improve on it, but 17
million? Under economic terms, that ain't a safe investment!

The guy is also a bit too selfish for me. The Celtics traditionally have no
place for such people. Since when do we have a selfish star? Certainly not
the Big Five, or big Bill and company. We need a star with leadership, and a
captain who skipped workouts for no apparent reasons (certainly I cannot
think going to the draft and trying to force us to draft a guy who we never
really want is a reason at all!) is not a good leader.

I won't be sorry if we keep him, but I won't be sorry too if we trade him.

On the other hand, I would be real sorry if we let dana Barros go. I cannot
understand why some people still hate him after all he has done for the
Celtics last year. To me, he is much more important a MEMBER of the team
than many others. We all should know how important the role of sixth man is.
When we have a good one, we usually do well. Think of Kelvin McHale, Bill
Walton, Scott Wedman, Jerry Schisting (sorry, I can never quite spell his

John Liang