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Goodbye oh selfish one

I think Walker will be traded when we start up again and I think it is good
ridance. Not that he isn't a good player and not that he doesn't have alot of
potential. It is just that he is all that plus being a selfish player and HE
WANTS 17 MILLION A YEAR. This isn't just why can't Gaston fork out the big
bucks for our good players. This decision could tie up down for years!  I am
so tired of being tied down! Since we traded for Sherman Douglas, we have been
tied by the cap. Gaston HAS forked out the bucks for Barros, Minor, Brown,
Ellison, etc. Don't anybody blame Gaston for holding out on Walker. Instead of
looking at the upside, look at the possible downside. If Walker gets fat,
DIES, gets into drugs or just wants to play for someone else, what could we do
with that contract? We would be stuck just like we and many other teams have
been. Although, now we would be stuck for many more years to come. I would
much rather overpay someone like Mercer or Abdul-Rahim or Duncan, people who
act alot more mature and who you feel you could depend on.