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RE: Celtic's stock

At 21:17 7/2/98 , Noah P. Evans wrote:
>> Hey Jim,
>> Please don't wake him up today. He is probably lying on his bed staring
>> at his personally autographed Hanoi Jane Fonda poster (Love Comrade
>> Jane).
>> Regards,
>> Hart
>Where have I stated that I was communist? I stated that alternatives to
>capitalism exist and espoused an element of one of them, but I hardly said I
>was communist.
>	I'm not usually didactic, and I don't normally respond to personal attacks,
>but I have to point something out. I have done *nothing* to you. By merely
>stating the possibility of another system of thought than the one you adhere
>to, I seem to have attracted a vituperative(abusive) stream from you. Why?

Noah. First off your views come off straight out of Socialism 101 to some
of us on the list. Your intent may be otherwise but it rubs me the wrong
way and reminds me of idealistic soc/comms from my college days!! You
obviously have an extensive vocabulary and I say bravo to your knowledge of
words, but who actually speaks that way?  It tends to put me off as it is
if you are trying to impress us with your superior knowledge. Yes we
understand you but is it necessary to use 95 cent words when 75 cent ones
would suffice? You are obviously intelligent but must be naive if you can't
figure out the reasons you are being taken to task. You are off to a better
start by labeling the manifesto posts and condensing your number of
messages. Sorry if I was blunt but I don't want to disregard anyones posts
but when I see your name my inclination is to groan!!! Well just my
thoughts and YMMV. Later.Mike