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Re: Celtic's stock

Noah P. Evans wrote:
> > Hey Jim,
> > Please don't wake him up today. He is probably lying on his bed staring
> > at his personally autographed Hanoi Jane Fonda poster (Love Comrade
> > Jane).
> > Regards,
> > Hart
> Where have I stated that I was communist? I stated that alternatives to
> capitalism exist and espoused an element of one of them, but I hardly said I
> was communist.
>         I'm not usually didactic, and I don't normally respond to personal attacks,
> but I have to point something out. I have done *nothing* to you. By merely
> stating the possibility of another system of thought than the one you adhere
> to, I seem to have attracted a vituperative(abusive) stream from you. Why?
> Noah
Uh huh and no sense of humor either. I guess that they also don't teach
Elitists how to laugh at the school you attended. Have a nice holiday!