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Re: Celtic's stock

Ken Kokubo wrote:
> Something to do with corporate tax exempt status and a stock change. The Celtics Corporation split into 2 new ones, basically stockholders and Gaston/et all. There was an article in the globe a few days ago I believe. Really weird like if you kept your stock you would get a share of the new stock, a bond, plus a dollar (yes $1). If you held more than a $100 share you could join the corporate side. I just skimmed the article. Any stockholders out there want to clarify?
> At 11:48 AM -0400 7/2/98, Jeremy wrote:
> >       Does anyone know why it has gone down 8.5 points (53%) today?
> >Noah and his communist friends must be partying in the streets.  It
> >appears that wall street doesn't favor the lockout.
> >
> >Jeremy
> Ken Kokubo
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That's correct in a nutshell.  I'm not well-versed in Legalese, but I
received a document from BCLP advising us "great unwashed" that anyone
with 100 or+ shares could become part of the new order.  Those of us
with fewer will continue to garner our $1.00 or so per year.

The checks make great souvenirs.  Kind of like "Bird Bucks".  Remember

Dan Butts