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Re: bye-bye antoine

i take exception to the opinion we should trade antoine.  i agree
he is a stupid kid, as most millionaire 22 year olds are.  when they
start to grow up is when it is time to win, to make the playoffs.
toine has the talent to be part of that.  winning will make him a team player,
and a veteran winner as a role model wouldnt hurt.  toine hasnt had to pay
his dues yet. not everyone starts out mature like grant hill. 

the celtics must quit posturing about growing a young nucleus and develop a 
team chemistry that has experience and youth. too much smoke about available
talent just out of our reach.  i think pitino knows the bottom line too well
and when he locks in overpriced average players, he can say there is no money
to buy a veteran winner as a team leader.  do you really think knight was
an accident.  i think pitino knew exactly what he was getting, and it was a
profitable business deal because he wouldnt have to open the checkbook for
a blockbuster deal.  he would say, correctly, knight didnt work out and we
dont have enough money to improve the team, and no one will take knight in a 
trade.  yet he still sells out the fleet center.  this is poor player 
management but very good business.  i like antoine.  he is a competitive kid 
who needs leadership, and motivation. motivation comes from having a legit 
chance to win, and leadership comes from someone who knows how to get it done.
couldnt you see sir charles teaching toine.  i will get down from the soapbox
and you can stop laughing.