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re-best ever

>Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:58:50 +1000
For arguments sake and taking all positions and all players, there is no
doubt in my mind who is the best of all time, Michael Jordan. All the rest
are a distant 2nd. This point of view comes from a Celtic can, and a Bird
favorite player fan. But in all honesty, I can't see anyone other than
Jordan as being the best ever. I don't even really like Jordan, but I
respect him for the lifestyle he lives and the responsibility he owns up
to, including being a winner. Remember he wasn't always the great Jordan,
he worked hard and earned it. Historians will no doubt decree him the best
till someone else comes along, and he or she:) will.  

>From: jumpshot@nobbys.net.au (Karen J Davies)
>Subject: best ever
>>Then how can anyone call a player the "best ever"?
>Really, nobody truthfully can.  It is a team sport after all with different
>roles for different players, so I think the closest thing you can say is
>"the best player at his position".  Even that is reaching.
"In the NBA the Owners Rule"