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David Falk

In the Peter May article this AM, he wrote that Falk said that Antoine
was disappointed that Mohammed wasn't drafted by the C's which is
understandable since they are close friends. The "BUT" in this story is
that David Falk said regarding the C's not drafting Mohammed "I think it
would have been a good fit". Is this what the NBA has now become? That
we not only have to deal with agents on the behalf of their players, we
now have them becoming GM'S of teams. What the hell does Falk know if
Mohammed would be good for the C's. I am sure that all he ever saw of
Mohammed was on TV like the rest of us. I guess he must think that all
of the GM's are pretty dumb since they let him slide to the bottom of
the first round. 
	By the way a report out of Utah said that the Jazz felt there was only
2 or 3 guys drafted that were worth 1st round money. They took Mohammed
only because they couldn't trade there pick prior to the draft. I guess
thay found a sucker in the Sixers. They project Mohammed at best a 10-12
minute backup presently and that he is a project and slow afoot.
	My point with all this; is that the biggest problem in the NBA is the
agents, they are the real cancer in the game today. Any negotiation
regarding the lockout will most certainly have to be approved by the
agents before any resolution of this shutdown. There are so many things
wrong, most of which are agent created with BB now, the Sprewell
situation, probable drug problems, bloated salaries and agents trying to
run the game that I honestly think that in the the best interest of the
future of this game, that the league shuts down for the year. It will
give both the players and the owners time to reflect on what they really
miss, players will miss the money and that is all they really care about
and the owners will miss the the egotism and all the glory of having
their teams on TV and in the public eye.