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Re: poor pros... sniff sniff

>I'm a little disturbed by all the greif people give pro athletes about their
>salaries.  The owers cry broke all the time,like player salaries is hurting
>them.  These guys write these huge checks to players, there making the money.
>The players want there share of a mammoth pie.  Just think Jordan alone makes
>noticable impact on the national economy
>so what about the league as a whole? I'm not socialist but the players do all
>the work a should profit accordingly!  Ask the owners to take a paycut before
>the players!  

One question please, If you owned a company you would give most of your 
profits to your employees?  Most likely not!  The name of the game is to make 
money.  Like I said earlier I don't care if there is a lockout for a long 
time.  Ny life doesn't revolve around the NBA, I enjoy watching hoop, 
especially the C's, but this shit bores me.

>The owners make the more money without public scrutiny.  I think
>the owners' profits and net worth should be in the paper everyday....Lets see
>if they "need" all that money.  I bet they make a hell of a lot more money
>than any player.  Please let's bark up  the right tree.