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Point guards

Well, Tyus is gone.  I liked him a lot, but I think he had to go.  We
will need another point guard, though.  There's only Dana and Kenny left
and neither of them is playing 82 games.  Obviously it was his size and
lack of shooting range that Pitino didn't like.  I still say we'd be a
lot better off if one of our other guards could fill in at the point.
That was an under valued ability of Dee Brown's and we'd be far better
off with him right now instead of Greg Minor.  I wonder if that was a
possibility at  the time of the trade?  At the time the rumor was that
Dee and Pitino were clashing badly and not even talking to each other.

The Globe said two things today that surprised me.  One was that Kenny's
knees aren't coming along as well as they hoped.  That's not good news,
but if it's true why was Tyus cut now?  The other was that the Celtics
medical staff can't treat him.  I thought I read yesterday that they
could, just not at the team's facilities.  If it's true they can't treat
him, I think that's taking things a litle too far.

Wishing, hoping, praying for a quick end to the lockout,