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Re: Those nasty owners picking on those poor players....

Not to make this into some kind of mutual admiration society meeting, but I
couldn't agree with the Esteemed Mr. Hart more.  I only wish I had the
wisdom and forthought for seeing the true color of the bantor for what it
really was.  And this again in the week of the celebration of the
Indepedence of our great country, a true Democracy.  Sing it with we now;
God Bless America.

My one take on the CBA mess is that the league, owners players and all
better watch what they ask for in this matter because they just might get
it.  It is somewhat  frustrating and curious to see LB as per the exception
brought into play on his voting into the HOF, as per Ryan and others he
played less for the money and actually for game and winning not virtually
anyother player certainly in the last 15 years.  Not to discount folks like
Malone, Stock, McHale etc.  

It is a danger to put the fox in charge of watching the hen house,

> From: Sherry & Hart <hartleyo@ix.netcom.com>
> To: Jim Meninno <jim_meninno@hotmail.com>
> Cc: celtics@igtc.COM
> Subject: Re: Those nasty owners picking on those poor players....
> Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 9:09 AM
> Hey Jim,
> Why are you wasting your time trying to have a legitimate discussion
> with a socialist, I am sure you probably know that you will not change
> his mind no matter how logical you make it. Logic never made sense to a
> socialist, since all they know is to put their grubby little hands out
> and say "gimme, gimme, and gimme some more. Their track record around
> the world in running countries is just phenomenal. Did you ever wonder;
> if the business community in the U.S. was so bad why they(socialists)
> stick around to be a party to it. If it was up to them all businesse
> would be owned by gov't and most of us know that the gov't can't run
> anything properly let alone a profit making business.
> Why am I on this tangent? I really rather read about absurd basketball
> trades and messages from all the Antoine haters.
> Regards,
> Hart