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Re: Kinks...hijinks ? and dealing with a dink

> I suspect that this is not the end.


I hope not, otherwise there'll be far less new music
by anyone. It's amazing how short-sighted people can

> Blah, blah, blah,


Those who refuse to learn from (Rock) history are
doomed to listen to endless rehashes.

> My point exactly.  Doesn't quite match your opinion.


OK, so you're saying the masses are right even though
they're the least informed?

> See what?

See that The Kinks are a hair from being as good as
The Who.

> So how did *I* say ICSFM was better, when I stated
> it wasn't as good as the "Great" Who songs.

Did I say you had?

> Chart numbers from that time are useless to this
> discussion.

Chart numbers are the indication of what sold, and
what sold is how the radio researchers decide what is
to be played on the radio now. So yes, they are
Surely you don't think they take endless polls on
what's popular NOW among Classic Rock listeners!

> What statement Willis????

You couldn't make the statement that The Kinks were in
the same league as The Who, and I said "You don't have
to, I made it."

> So, you're saying that what's played on the radio is
> done so by throwing a dart at a map???

No, it's based on sales...the charts also reflect
this...and that it's not relevent to the argument that
one band is more important in Rock history than

> So, how is it that you keep so up to speed with
> what's being played on the radio??

Because sometimes it's on, and when it is I hear the
same old songs. The same tired old songs. In fact, I
just checked and they were playing...prepare
yourself...All Night Long by Joe Walsh backed by The
But I wouldn't count that as listening on a regular
basis. It's like while I'm putting a new CD in.

> Opinion.

Not really. Entwistle was a obviously better bass
player, Moon was a better drummer, Pete was at least
as good a guitarist, vocals being a matter of taste
I'll leave them out. Add Tommy & Quad into the mix.
Then you have to consider which band does today's
music sound more like, the Beatles of The Who? In
fact, that is true from the 70's until now. Net
result: The Who were better than The Beatles.

> I think it's fair to say that most song writers /
> bands deep down hope that their songs will become
> staples of the world.

They should write a Christmas song, then.

> My opinion is bigger than yours.


> So then, in a stalemate, doesn't mass popular
> opinion have any bearing??

No, I don't see how the people least familiar with the
works of various bands should be a factor.

> We're all biased!

Not me. I'm willing to hear any band aspiring to
Who-level music, and can admit that there are some who
have made it...at least for a while. Pearl Jam's Ten
is one example off the top of my head.

> It was a one-line, light-hearted poke at the


Can't you just...SHUT UP! YOU don't get to redefine
yourself in a lame attempt to squirm out of a
situation you created, like your hero Bush tries. He
can't get away with it either.

> massive,

You flatter yourself. You're more like the drunken
babbling guy who won't shut up during a movie everyone
else is trying to enjoy.

> me.  I certainly didn't anticipate the vitriol which

That's either a Bushism or severe short term memory
loss. "The buck never stops here."

> had passed since I proved that the confederate flag
> at the SC capitol was far larger than a flag
> attached to a car window

You are thinking of someone else, or more likely
imagined the entire thing.

> remain in the light spirit of the "venom extracting"
> comment.  How wrong I was.  

And you're wrong now. It seems you just can't get
anything right. I guess that's why Bush is your boy.
Stupid is as stupid does, they say.

> I was laughing aloud when I heard him use

The thing is: It's not funny when Americans are being
killed on an almost daily basis because of the lack of
vision by the ignorant lying little weasel who
knowlingly mislead people to get us into an
unresolvable situation. It makes me physically ill.

"Bush is not only alarmingly underqualified for the
office of the presidency, he also demonstrates little
intellectual intrest in addressing that weakness."

Cheers         ML

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