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Re: Who's Not Forgotten review

> Instead, this has leapt over all the other Who tribute CD to 
> become the one you must own.

Wow.  Well, I'm sold.  With that kind of a glowing review, I'm too
curious to pass this up.

I didn't buy that last Who cover CD (SUBSTITUTE?) but I have that
WHO COVERS WHO one which came out years ago.  It's OK.

I think my favorite Who cover CD is the one which accompanies the
Who In Sweden book - Swedish bands from the '60s adoringly covering 
Who songs & butchering the lyrics.  You can't ask for more than 

So, I guess I'll order this new cover CD.  I ordered the 2nd Forum
2004 show but that hasn't arrived yet.  Plus, that book on OX's bass
guitar collection is due out next month, I believe.  Lots of Who-
stuff to buy.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism