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Kinks...hijinks ? - T&N adds on TV - ohhhh the venom of Bushisims

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Kinks...hijinks ?
>You guys only get 6 months of daylight up there in
>Vermont, right?

No, that's Alaska.  We get 6 months of snow though!  Yipppee!

>You wear those funny little light hats
>and all that, don't ya?

They're called Petzle head-lamps, and they strap onto yo head.
Hell, everyone should have one.  They're great for anything in the dark.
That's right....anything.  ;-)

>> We can look at charts from the time, but the real
>> measure is the 'test of
>> time'.  What is the overall ranking.
>If that's the case, then REO Suckwagon and Jour-nay
>and <snip - - bla, bla, bla> are ALL more important than The Who
>right now!  

What?  You be sniffing glue or something...
Here, read this posted just *yesterday* from The Telegraph:

>Subject: Telegraph Review of RAH (very positive)
>Paul Morley
>The Who have always been underdogs. Outshone by Led Zeppelin and Hendrix (caugh..bullshit!), 
>the bronze medallists to the gold Beatles and the silver Stones

What was that???

>the bronze medallists to the gold Beatles and the silver Stones

One more time for clarity and shits-and-giggles...

>the bronze medallists to the gold Beatles and the silver Stones

See, this is what I've been saying.
"Bronze medallists".  That's third.
Not fourth, or fith, or anything lower than.......*third*!
I have no idea where The Kinks would fall, but it's not third, or second, or first.
*This* is the overriding opinion of people who consider all of rock.
Again, it's not my fault.  It's just how it is.
As you've written in this thread..."Deal with it."  ;-)

>And 100 years from now, when they talk
>about The Who it'll be about Tommy and Quad, not WN.

I seriously doubt that, but we could bat conjecture back and forth all day, and still not get anywhere.

>From: JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx
>Subject: RGLB
>just to let you know, as I type here in the NYC area, they're playing RGLB on 
>the classic rock station here. 

I read on O&S this morning that Quebec is seeing advertisements on TV for Then and Now.
Hey, that's something!

>From: Sroundtable@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: venom extracting and Bushisms
>> Exactly my thought at your first 'venom' extracting post.  Thus my " ? "
>> reply.
>It was a one-line, light-hearted poke

Son, when you poke something (baa-aaa-aaa! ;-), don't do it light-heartedly.
But, I wouldn't have written anything had I not seen the Bushism below...

>> "Suiciders"....
>I was laughing aloud when I heard him use "suiciders"

Damn, Mc.  You've thrown me for a loop!  Where'd this sense of humor come from????
I was expecting a passionate defense!
I...I....I...don't know what to say!

>I need to get my hands on that.

I made those titles up.  But, there is a book called Bushisms that can be found with a quick Amazon search.

>Love him or hate him, he entertains.
You mean saddens, right?
(no need to answer....)

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Blah Blah "why were the Kinks banned in the U.S." Blah Blah Blah
>Fine.  Be that way.  I'll just assume that the Kinks were banned
>because they sucked.

DOH!   ;-o

Kevin (waiting for the wind to die to hit Jay Peak!) in VT

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