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Re: Subjects bands don't touch

In a message dated 3/31/2004 8:25:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
TigerPurr1@xxxxxxx writes:
The Stones do sing about rape, underage sex, race, oil/drug cartels, 
prostitution, unemployment, murder, psychopaths, drug overdoses, etc...., all 
subjects for songs and none of which are important to humanity.  

I think all I'm doing is pissing you off, which is not my intention.

The above is oversimplifying my statement.You simply cannot compare the way 
Pete writes about these subjects to the way that Mick and Keith do. Pete lives 
his life in pursuit of the answer to these problems and does it on an 
extremely personal level, which he shares to the world with a bared soul.  He actually 
worries.  Remember what Jerry Hall testified about him?

When I hear Mick talk at the audience, he is more glib like an entertainer.  
He is a showman doing his show for the delight of the fans, (although I'm sure 
it is more than that.)  However, when I hear Pete talk to the fans, I can 
sense a much deeper sincerity in his voice. Then some clown yells get on with it.

 The Stones have hundreds of songs, some of which touch on important matters, 
surely. For example, take Saint of Me. Now if I were to dissect that song in 
a serious way, I would have to laugh. Why? because Mick admits in that song 
that Jesus has been raised from the dead. "Jesus hit him (Paul) with a blinding 
light" ..."*You'll* never make a saint of me!" People don't write songs to 
dead people. To talk to a living Jesus is what makes one a saint! God does have a 
sense of humor.  

Mick wrote a song for an effect.  With a great riff from Keith.

 On Listening to You, I have no doubt that Pete actually meant what he was 
saying. It was a prayer. Whether he was confused or not I don't know. But he did 
get the music.

Jon in Mi.