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Re: Subjects bands don't touch

In a message dated 3/31/04 5:54:38 PM, TheWho-Digest-Owner@xxxxxxxx writes:

<<  Pete picks subjects that no one 
else seems to want to touch, but ones that are very important to *humanity*. 

The Stones do sing about rape, underage sex, race, oil/drug cartels, 
prostitution, unemployment, murder, psychopaths, drug overdoses, etc...., all popular 
subjects for songs and none of which are important to humanity.  

The Stones haven't made a habit of using their position as a pulpit to preach 
their beliefs and causes.  Other rock stars do.  There's nothing wrong with 

<<He also doesn't limit himself by taking sides in the stinking perpetual 
battle between being liberal or conservative. Both have good points as well as 
bad.  Pete seems to understand this.>>

I'd have to argue Bono has left Pete spinning windmills.  Whether or not 
Bono's politics are liberal or conservative or any of us agree with the stances he 
takes, he's down in the trenches making his vision of a better world happen. 

<<I always pictured Keith to be for "the Band" like Roger is for the band in 
the Who. Keith really enjoys doing it it seems.>>

They all enjoy it, otherwise neither band would  be planning tours.  Keith is 
the soul, Charlie the heart, Mick the mind, Bill the memory keeper and Ronnie 
the body that links it all.  I find Roger to be more of the heart and Pete 
the soul of Who, but it's subjective.  Impressions of people we don't know vary 
from person to person.