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Re: Stones v. Who

Hi Debbie,

>Just curious, when was the last time you were at a Stones concert?

1981 :-/  But I've seen them on TV!

infrastructure of a Stones tour is a very tight ship - but anyone that has 
more than a few Stones concerts over the past forty years - can tell you the 
Stones patented sloppy and chaotic on stage.  When they're at their best 
the Stones are one note away from a musical meltdown.

As you obviously know more about them live than I do, I'll listen and learn. 
(That's why I come here!)  What songs do they usually get hot on?  I know Ya 
Ya's and I love it.  My favorite is Street fighting Man, "one more and we've 
got to go..." which I *wish* they would've jammed out three times as long.  
Midnight Rambler they do that on, but what songs do they usually go off on 
nowadays? (My tone isn't sarcastic, I'm just askin)

I do know what songs the Who hit hard.  Every one of them ... then comes the 
big build up.  You simply cannot sit down at a Who show. At least I can't. The 
Stones have that "groove" that they build on and yes, it is very gritty 
sounding like a garage band, but when I hear Pete wailing and building the 
atmosphere to a fever pitch, I feel like I just might kick anyone's ass.  And I'm a 
little guy.  I mean it. The Stones just make me want to dance. And the worst 
part is that I can dance exactly like Mick.  "Shame on you!"

>Both are excellent bands that left their contemporaries in the dust 


>There is 
no objective scale to rate which band's sound is better on the level they 
create and play at, it comes down to the individual listener's personal 

Right.  I agree with this completely.  As John Paul Jones said: "All that 
really matters is that you like what you hear." What others think of what you 
like is irrelevant. But I like to hear what you think now that you've come out of 

>One can prefer Coke or Pepsi without turning the other one into an evil 
It's also possible to like both.

Absolutely.  I like both of them too but I like them for very different 
reasons. One more than the other. I love Coke because it goes so well with food.  
It tastes best over ice to "release the sweetness" unless  it is drunk (?) from 
a can, which must be very cooold.  To me, the Who is Coca Cola.

Jon in Mi.