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What a thrill !

Well, sitting here at home again connected to the Lifehouse.
Just checked in to view the latest streaming vids from Pete's site.
RAH night 3 wasn't anything I haven't seen a number of times (trying not to
segue into the set list debate...I'll touch that later).
But to watch the live performance of RGLB was killer.
I was nervous!
I'm sitting here thinking "Rabbit, don't fuck up!"
Rabbit was sitting there thinking "Rabbit, don't fuck up!"
*Pete* was sitting there thinking...
Well, you get the idea.

That was one tense viewing.
The care that Rabbit took to coordinate the downbeat of Pete's guitar entry.
You *know* it had to be a thrill for them all.  It's all so new.
I couldn't help but imagine what was going through Pete's mind.  I mean, what
a trip.  40 years later, and they're playing new material before a live
It must be a bit like going to therapy.
Granted, the video portion on these streams is shaky at best, but I swear I
could almost see pain on Pete's face.
The way he stalked around the stage, pumping the rhythm of the song through
his body.
And Roger, putting every emotion into it.  Despite his cold, he sounded quite
good from what I could tell.

I say BUT!
What gave me the most (well...) enjoyment was Pino!
Were those violent flurries I was hearing near the end of the song???
Again, these streaming vids and audio's are not the best, but I could swear
Pino was ripping the crowd a new one.
Very technically precise and complex flurries played quite fast.
It got my attention.
It got my interest.

The crowd reacted quite well to the song too.  Hooting and hollering abound.
It's a different Who-room to be sure, when RGLB is played.  It's not your
typical WAY room, or Baba room.
It's a RGLB room.
Different.  But sure is enjoyable to enter.  And, there's something very
familiar and comfortable about the place.
Same caterer?  Same homey feel?
Same welcoming feeling.  Like getting a hug (dork alert!).
Ahhh, it's the Quad room with new furniture.

Just getting my Who on the run these days.
Sorry I missed all the Stones vs. Who debate.  Just too damn busy at work at
the moment.  Oh, and awesome spring boarding here in the snowboard capital of
the world.
I agree with Scott's frustration, but in a way am glad The Who didn't turn (at
least permanently) into the mass production unit that is The Stones.
Hell, the last time I saw the stones, they looked like ants from the last row
at RFK Stadium in D.C.
We took pisses off the back of the stadium!
But, that said, a new set list would be very nice.  Hell, it's almost
Give me the entire Sell Out album.
That's what I'd like to see.  The Who run through two of their albums.
WN and Sell Out.
No, wait, Sell Out and WAY.
How about a Lifehouse production, ala the 96/97 Quad production.
Either way....
Just take me on a journey.

Kevin in VT