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Re: New Cd and new songs

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> Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx writes:
> I don't doubt that Pete  knew the meaning of this word, (grace) for the
experience he
> speaks of in this song matches the definition.
> But on the other hand, he may have just been poking fun at Roger and
> looked for a word that rhymed with face.
> Jon in Mi.

Normally I don't interrupt people when they're talking to themselves, but I
think it's safe in your case, Jon.

When I heard these lines the first thing I thought of was Pete's song, Stop
Hurting People.  He writes there about having an inner beauty as opposed to
a physical one:

"Yet her beauty was so different to mine
My beauty needs an understanding and a knowledge of what I am
Hers is enough, Earned through eons; for that is what true beauty is
Time's gift to perfect humility"

Perfect humility, or...grace.

Jim M