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Re: Pino's sound at Forum

> Anyone want to place bets as to what they play tonight.  I bet they 
> don't even do Tommy, accoustic or otherwise.  Just a standard set.

I agree.  They'll play the same old boring set.  I told my one friend
about the recent shows.  He's a Stones fan & when I showed him The Who's
set list he said, "One thing about the Stones, they always mix up the 
set list."  I couldn't argue.

Watching that documentary about the last Stones tour & hearing that they
usually rehearse around 100 - 200 songs for a tour made me feel jealous 
& ashamed.  100 - 200 songs.  And The Who play the same 15 songs night 
after night.

And look for the Stones to completely eclipse any Who activity in 2005.
Apparently, the Stones are releasing several singles box sets, including
some previously unreleased stuff, & are planning another gigantic world 

Let's face it:  Compared to the Stones, The Who are a bunch of fuck-ups.
Putting quality of music aside, the Stones played the game correctly
while The Who stumbled & sputtered throughout their career.  The Who blew 

> I hope Roger's voice has recovered.

Is anyone else concerned about this?  About Roger's smoke/voice problem?
I don't think it bodes well for any upcoming tour.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism