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Re: Pino's sound at Forum

> > Believe me, his (Pino's) volume was well up last night at the Forum 
> > and he was sending out some very heavy distinct bass.
> How much do you think the venue affected the sound of the band, in 
> general?

I agree with John H.  The smaller venue most likely helped make the bass
louder & more distinct to the audience's ears.

> They must be using different gear than they do in the bigger places, no?

I doubt it.  Maybe some minor alterations.  At the bigger venues the PA
system does most of the work.  Same with the smaller clubs, too.  You 
can use the same gear at both type of venues.  Keep the stage sound to
a comfortable level & let the house PA boost the overall volume to its
appropriate level.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism