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A New Pino ??

>From: "John Hughes"
>Subject: Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V11 #81
 >>I listened to the mediafile from Pete's
>>site last night, and really couldn't hear Pino
>> except in a few cases where the overall volume was low. Am I missing
>Believe me, his volume was well up last night at the Forum and he was
>sending out some very heavy distinct bass.

Good!  This gives me hope.  It seems Rabbit is saying pretty much the same
I'm more than willing to give Pino a fresh listen to.  I just don't hear it
on the M4P's from itunes.
And, is it just a "wash" of sound, or does it show distinct runs and

>He simply doesn't play with the overdriven trebly tone that John did, which
>is why he seems indistinct.

No, I'm not expecting Pino to mimic John's trademark treble (Mettle) bass
That's not it.
I'm just looking for a good reason to be interested in the bass portion of
the music, again.  The "wash" just doesn't do it for me.

One of the reviews, I think it might have been Rabbit's, states that Pino is
starting to copy John's bass lines verbatim.
I wouldn't mind hearing that.  A good tip of the hat to John.  Can Pino
really pull it off though?

Hey, thanks for the report John.

Kevin in VT