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Re: Tower records order

In a message dated 3/27/2004 2:25:56 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> >From: TJLY99
> >Subject: Re: Tower records order
> >
> >>Just to let you all know...Tower emailed me and said my "Then and Now" CD
> >>and
> >>free tee has shipped out. New CD is on the way!!! Can't wait....Sandy
> >
> >
> >same here Sandy  ;o)
> Here too!
> I'm actually more psyched about the T-shirt!
> (Hmmm, how to shrink the XL down to an L....?)
> Kevin in VT

That's funny Kevin. I need to shrink mine down to a med. Guess we will all be 
using a lot of hot water. I will be waiting for the mail tomorrow! Sandy