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Re: Who2

Steve here in spring like BC interior.

Funny this name thing - remember the days of "TED", then the slow evolution back to The Who?

The music is the same. The name...the band.

As discussed earlier, many times, when does a name no longer fit? 75% of the members? 50% of the members? 25% of the members, or 0% but the music is the same.

ie; 5 years from now, same set list (plus the new album stuff), with Zak, Pino, Rabbitt, Simon, and a supporting singer and guitar player or two....

Smile as you contemplate this.


At 04:01 PM 3/25/04, you wrote:
> If Pete has "named it Who2", then why is The Who playing at the Forum this
> week? Why does the website say "EelPie.com and TheMusic.com have once again
> joined forces to bring you a new series of The Who live on
> CD"?

Look, ya'll are taking this Who2 thing WAY too seriously. This is simply Pete's little nickname for he and Roger's backing band- Rabbit, Zak, Pino, and Simon. If they were to be made full members of The Who, everyone here would go ballistic. "That's sacrilege! Dishonor to John and Keith!" I think we need to lighten up and realize that Pete and Roger are The Who, with their band, Who2- or whatever Pete wants to call it. The Eagles have a drummer for when Henley plays guitar, and a new guitarist to replace Don Felder in 2002, and extra keyboardists and horns and percsussionists, and they aren't full members of the Eagles- only Henley, Schmidt, Walsh, and Frey. This is the Who we get, and it's pretty god damn good. Can't wait for the summer tyour, and am disheartened that with airfares high and money tight, I won't be able to go to IOW in June barring some miracle. I guess I'll have to wait for them to jump the pond.