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Re: Who's on bass

> Loud isn't really the issue. The speed is what fills in the space,

Yeah, but Entwistle wasn't a flurry of activity *all* the time.  Like
Moon, he often laid back & played simple bass lines when the song called
for it.  He wasn't *constantly* playing 16th-note & 32nd-note runs.

And besides, if the sound-techs heard a "hole" in the sound with Pino
on stage, how does turning him down & burying him in the mix address that

I think venues today are worried about sound-level violations & are keep-
ing the bass low in the mix to avoid complaints from surrounding resident-
ial neighborhoods.  That's my theory.  What do you think of *that?*

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism