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Re: Who's on bass

You make it seem like the sound-techs had a tour-encompassing plan for
the bass sound & then abandoned it after the first five minutes of the
Hollywood Bowl show.  "Oops!  That loud bass idea we had isn't working.
Turn Pino down for the rest of the show & the rest of the tour."

Not the sound techs in general. I think it's more likely Roger and Pete that have that unerring ear for what's working and what's not. Other than that, I'd expect Bobby Pridden could make the decision (also a major player in The Who).

I don't have the answers.  I just know Pino was low in volume for the
majority of the shows I saw in 2002 & that many fans who saw other shows
said the same thing.  And Pino was low when I saw him with S&G, as well.

I agree. However, I also agree with their decision to turn him down. It was much worse with his bass turned up loud.

Do we fans have to start picketing for louder bass at rock shows?

I think so. I do love a big bass. :)


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