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Editorial: The message in the BBC documentary

"In a way I wish we hadn't filmed Townshend, because
he takes attention away from the real pornographers,"
said Mr Long. "But he serves as a cautionary tale -
don't be tempted to look at child porn because your
life might be ruined. Our footage shows a living
legend reduced to being asked if he has learning
difficulties. It's a big leveller."

There was a message in the BBC documentary, but this
wasn't it.

The message was that, no matter how great an evil you
are battling, it does not excuse you committing evil

Pete may have thought, "what does it matter if I pay
$5 to child pornographers, if what I learn can help
the children?"

Internet Watchdog agencies may have thought, "So what
if Pete's case is marginal at best, better to drag his
name through the mud to scare pedophiles so we can
help the children."

The producer of this BBC documentary probably thought,
"Well, Townshend's arrest doesn't have much of
anything to do with what I'm reporting, but what's a
little more degredation for him if it promotes the
documentary and helps the children?"

Each of them, to do the great good of helping the
children, made a deal with the Devil. It is
unfortunate that only one of them has had to pay for

-Brian in Atlanta
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