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Re: Documentary reviews

Man, these documentary reviews are difficult to read.  Poor Pete.
Makes me feel so sad for him.  

But I'd still like to see this documentary.  So, if anyone could 
transfer a copy onto VHS (playable in N. America), I'd appreciate
it.  I have plenty to trade.  (Ernie, are you working on getting 
a copy?)

Some review comments which have been particularly disturbing:

"...the footage of him nervously trying to crack a joke about his 
hearing with officers showed a desperate man."

"The impression...was of a man drawn to the forbidden."

"The...documentary...showed an exhausted and deeply worried Townshend 
being questioned by police after scores of journalists gathered to 
watch his house being searched..."

"Dressed in a winter jacket and a T-shirt, with deep bags under his 
eyes, Townshend apologizes..."

It's weird to think all this was audio-taped & filmed!  And that it 
was aired!

Thanks, Keets, for posting the reviews & thanks, Martin Bailey, for 
your fan perspective.  At least it's good to know that Pete comes off
as simply foolish & not dangerous.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism