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Re: When Does a Band Stop Being a Band? Virusi

In a message dated 3/24/2004 1:59:46 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> Implication:  We are The Who, and these other blokes, are Who2.

Good point.  I think that's exactly what Pete meant.

I think Kevin is right on this.  

Pete knows about the Who "mantel" and he is certainly different with this 
band than he is solo.  (see Lifehouse chamber music) In the Who there is no focus 
on Pete the person to be accepted or rejected.  He is free to do his thing 
and please the masses under the Who banner without having to start over from 
scratch. The name has a great amount of value. I don't think he'd like to play at 
a show with 2/3 of the seats empty. Most of the ticket buyers want to see a 
band named The Who. They made believers out of the attendants in every show of 
the 2002 tour. I didn't see anyone rolling eyes or yawning at them.  

Besides all this, they sound incredible! Pete on electric wailing away?  He 
is impressing me, not embarrassing me.  I don't know of one person that has 
seen them play who is embarrassed by what they are doing.  I've not heard anyone 
making light of them either. I *have* heard Led Zeppelin fans very jealous of 

I can barely remember hearing Pete talking about why he didn't tour Empty 
Glass in a radio interview.  He was afraid that no one would come.

I think he likes being in this band. As long as Pete likes it, good things 
will come out of it.

Jon in Mi.